Borg asks the skull, kissing it intently. Ragnar, alongside his brother Rollo who later became the creator and first Duke of Normandy, became loosely famous in Scandinavia due to their successive raids in the Baltics as well as what is today Russia and Ukraine. Vikings in 30 Pictures – What is Real and What is Not? Although the villagers want him to be sentenced to death, the Law-Giver, bribed by Ragnar with a piece of Saxon gold, announces that he has decided to spare Rollo, reasoning that if the Gods had wanted him dead, he would have died already in battle. When one of the men moves to attack Borg's pregnant wife Torvi, Rollo stops him. A fearsome warrior with a wild, impulsive streak, Rollo has begun to grow jealous of his increasingly prominent br Rollo blames himself for Siggy's death, saying that he treated her poorly. In the episode The Dead, upon Ragnar's death, Rollo goes to visit his coffin to "Speak" to him. Visualizza altre idee su vichinghi, navi vichinghe, history channel. She then swiftly turns around and throws an ornament from the table in her anger. The lands of the Northmen expanded even more with a third grant when Cotentin and Avranchin was given to William Longsword, Rollo’s son in 933 which is assumed to be the year of Rollo’s death. Later, a heavily crying Gisla is carried into their bedroom in preparation for their bedding. 13-nov-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "Rollo" di Isabella Coletto su Pinterest. Rollo's resistance, meanwhile, has bought him the time and opportunity to evacuate Ragnar's wife, Princess Aslaug, and young sons, saving them from Jarl Borg's wrath. In the wake of the engagement, Rollo compliments Björn on his fighting prowess. I wanted to step out of your shadow... but when I stepped out of the doors, there was no sunlight. During the battle, Rollo critically injures Floki and kills Arne, impaling him with a spear and almost superhumanly lifting him skyward above the fray, although Arne's death struck Rollo with some guilt for striking down his former comrade. Bursting into Jarl Borg's sleeping chambers, they seize Borg and subject him to a brutal beating. In the episode The Usurper, upon his return to Kattegat with the rest of the Vikings, Rollo learns of Siggy's death while she was saving Ragnar's sons. This leads Rollo to become so impatient that his jealousy blinds him so much that he ends up betraying his brother for the second time, which leads to him and his brother eventually have a violent face-off. With maidens you have had your way. Citazioni Sulla Saggezza Citazioni Vere Grandi Citazioni Citazioni Ispiratrici Tatuaggi Con Citazione Sull'ispirazione Parole Citazioni Forti Parole Sagge Citazioni Per I Viaggi. Rollo takes her hand and tells her that only a coward kills a man by stabbing him in the back to which Gisla then amusingly adds that, that is only what a Viking would do and that Rollo is no longer a Viking before seductively feeding her husband a piece of chicken. Gisla shakes her head and walks away. Overcome with regret and self-pity, Rollo says that he feels worthless and that he sees no point in staying alive. Later, Kathleen married King of South Brega,  Beollán mac Ciarmaic. As it smashes into pieces, she bitterly says that if he goes away, whether he lives or dies that him leaving her would probably be the end of them. Ragnar sails home to Kattegat with his injured brother, where Siggy and a servant woman take care of Rollo's injuries. Gisla later gets a new haircut and starts to behave more lasciviously, even taking Rollo to a nearby room to have sex during the Christmas feast. Seeing Athelstan in his priestly attire, Rollo says King Horik was right about Athelstan betraying them, regretting his lack of adequate strength to kill him. As soon as they are alone she unleashes her pent-up anger, cussing at him in Old Frankish before slapping and punching him in the face, leaving Rollo stunned. "You think I should go?" In the episode All Change, despite Rollo missing out on those discussions, Ragnar brings him along anyway on his mission to Jarl Borg, whom King Horik had asked Ragnar to negotiate with in order to settle a land dispute. 273 Pin • 19 follower. In conclusion, Rollo’s jealousy of Ragnar Lothbrok over many things (including Shieldmaiden Lagertha – read about Lagertha here) and the sibling rivalry between the two are purely fictional as they were not related. The legendary Viking, who was also the king of Denmark and Sweden, was also known as Ragnar Sigurdsson as he was told to be Danish … Rollo is baptized in the river by the Northumbrian bishop and given the Christian name Rolf. Spotting Prince Aethelwulf, Rollo heads toward him with murderous intent, but ends up wounded, then trampled by horses. Later, Rollo tells Gisla that the only way he'll let them pass is if he can go with them. Rollo Lothbrok. Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. Each must die some day! Bjorn still upset and angry about his uncle's betrayal has him tied up and thrown into the cold river, but no matter how upset he is he cannot kill him and instead has him pulled back out and thrown onto the boat. However, Rollo is later seen looking crestfallen and guilty as he and the other Vikings head back to the ship. His wife excitedly announces her pregnancy to which they all make a toast to the first grandchild of the new Frankish/Viking alliance. Aslaug Sigurdsdóttir † (sister-in-law)Bjorn Ironside (nephew)Gyda Ragnarsdóttir † (niece)Ubbe Ragnarsson (nephew)Hvitserk Ragnarsson (nephew)Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye † (nephew) Ivar the Boneless (nephew)Emperor Charles II (father-in-law)Queen Frederuna † (mother-in-law) They turn to leave after an agreement to meet is made, and Rollo pulls Sinric back, cutting his ropes free and allowing him back into their camp. Rollo also has a love/hate relationship with his younger brother Ragnar due to everyone always putting Ragnar first. But might the real-life Rollo have met other characters on the show, Floki maybe? In the episode Raid, Haraldson attempts to kill Ragnar and his family, but they escape and go into hiding. Norvégiából I. Harald norvég király száműzte, Rollo pedig 876-ban a Nyugati Frank Királyság (a mai Franciaország) területére ment rablóhadjáratot folytatni. According to Historia Normannorum (also known as Libri III de moribus et actis primorum Normanniae ducum), a biogprahy on Rollo written by Dudo of Saint-Quentin, Rollo was the son of a Danish nobleman and had a brother named Gurim. Ragnar leaves it to Bjorn to relay these orders. However, after the retreat, he comes to visit Ragnar, Lagertha, and a severely injured Bjorn, a sight upon which he declares to Ragnar that next time they will not make the same mistakes. In the episode The Profit and the Loss, as the ships approach the forts, Rollo orders the Franks to raise a large metal chain between the forts, which capsizes Harald's ship. This time they are welcomed by a few Angelo-Saxons Warriors, however, Rollo doesn't trust them and suggests that they kill them, in which they do just that. "Denne mand greb kongens fod og løftede den op til sine læber uden at bøje sig, med det resultat at kongen tumlede omkuld. The only catch is that they have to sail through the Frankish coastline. He strongly believes in his Gods, especially Thor and that bad things happen to him because the Gods are punishing him. Alive Rollo finally asks what he must do in return for all of this, which is that he must defend Paris from future attacks by his brother Ragnar. Rollo seems surprised, but not chagrined. Ragnar Lothbrok (<< click to read about him) was a legendary Viking hero who raided England and France many times and the father of some very important names in the history of Vikings such as Björn Ironside, Ivar the Boneless, Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. Je bratrem Ragnara, se kterým si sice slíbil, že si budou navždy rovni, ale Rollo později začal na svého bratra žárlit, protože se stal úspěšnějším než on. In the episode Promised, Rollo tells Odo that they should build more boats and that he doesn't know his people better than he does. However, the blocked wheel and dead bodies piled on it obstruct the Vikings from advancing through the tunnel. Later, his wife accompanies him when he gains a new title and is awarded by the Emperor the Iron hand of Frankia. William Longsword  (Vilhjálmr Langaspjót in Old Norse and Guillaume Longue-Épée in French)  succeeded Rollo and acted as the Duke of Normandy until he was assassinated in 942 by the followers of one of his enemies, Arnulf I, Count of Flanders. After this, Rollo asks the Seer about his fate. The Parisian soldiers release a spiked wheel which rolls through the tunnel, running over and impaling several Vikings. Later when the battle is won Rollo and Gisla take a stroll on the beach and to her dismay she is surprised to see women among the dead on the beach. When the Saxon forces are spotted, Horik insists on attacking head-on. Rollo left feeling angry and defeated jumps over the table and scares some of the Emperor's subjects before striding off into another room. In the episode Unforgiven, when King Horik himself arrives in Kattegat, he wishes to attack Wessex again to punish King Ecbert. In the episode Kill the Queen, Count Rollo makes an attempt to fit in by cutting his hair and dressing appropriately but continues to be mocked by his new wife Gisla. As a way of finding them, Haraldson has Rollo captured and tortured to make him reveal Ragnar's location, but Rollo refuses and remains steadfast. Charles III offered to formally recognize Rollo’s possession of these lands on the condition that he becomes a Christian and helps defending the kingdom against other Viking forces. –Rollo to Emperor Charles, What Might Have Been. The name “Rollo” is assumed to be the latinized version of “Hrólfr”. Unexpected help soon comes, however, when Lagertha, Ragnar's former wife, and Björn, his oldest son, now taller than Ragnar and as powerfully-built as Rollo, arrive at the head of a column of warriors. He says that Rollo should go to Götaland to ask Jarl Borg to restore the alliance between himself, Ragnar and King Horik. Rollo was known for being a fearsome Viking warrior with an impulsive streak who is wrought with internal struggles. Despite the odds seemingly stacking against Lothbrok and company, Rollo acts as a strong, motivating force that carries the army forwards. Word, meanwhile, has reached Ragnar of Jarl Borg's treachery and of the flight of his family. When an envoy, among them King Ecbert's son Aethelwulf, arrives at the Viking camp, Rollo instructs the men to set up a shield wall and narrow the passage into the camp in case it is a ruse. Rollo married Princess Gisla, the daughter of Charles III, the King of West Francia to seal the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte which also made him the Duke of Normandy. He is found by Siggy sleeping outside in the snow, apparently more the worse for wear from drinking. In the episode Treachery, in Ragnar's absence, however, his decision to exclude Rollo turns out to be as prophetic as it is wise. Both Robert and his successor Ralph were defeated by the Vikings. 4.4K likes. Jarl Borg is subjected to the blood eagle. Who was Rollo the Viking in real life ? However, Ragnar accepts Aethelwulf's invitation to meet King Ecbert at his villa in a peaceful manner. Ragnar Lodbrok or Lothbrok (Old Norse: Ragnarr Loðbrók, "Ragnar shaggy breeches", Modern Icelandic: Ragnar Loðbrók) is a legendary Viking hero, as well as, according to the Gesta Danorum, a legendary Danish and Swedish king. Here are the answers to all these questions as accurate as they could be given considering the scarcity of written records regarding those times. She tells Rollo that he has become a disgrace and that he should rot in Hel. Along with the other warriors, Rollo accompanies Ragnar's coffin to city gates of Paris for a "Proper Christian" burial and ceremony as Ragnar requested. Rollo returns to Kattegat along with Jarl Borg. In the episode Two Journeys, Duke Rollo is first seen sat on his Normandy throne with his wife, Gisla and their three children William, Marcellus, and Celsa as his two nephews and the other Vikings enter the Palace. Their founder and leader was Ragnar Lothbrok and the symbol is the raven, a reference to their claimed ancestor Odin, the raven-god. Rollo also notices Floki gravitating toward Horik. Some experts suggest that these sagas are merely compilations of stories regarding different Viking heroes (different heroes given the name Ragnar or similar names according to some.) Goffredo Malaterra (Geoffrey/Gaufredo Malaterra), an eleventh-century Benediction monk and historian, stated that Rollo was from Norway and came to the coasts of Christian lands with his Norwegian army. Reunited with his family, an angry Ragnar tells Rollo he wants to destroy Jarl Borg. In the episode All His Angels, Rollo is seen in a flashback by his brother Ragnar just before he is thrown into the snake pit to die. We hear the Seer remind us that "Not the living, but the dead will conquer Paris" as Ragnar collapses and we see Rollo, Lagertha, Floki, and Kalf gaze upon him while congregating outside the city gate. During this engagement, both Count Odo and Princess Gisla take notice of Rollo's actions. There are several theories regarding the birthplace and origin of Duke Rollo of Normandy. The parties signed an agreement called Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte in 911. Language: English Words: 12,869 Chapters: 13/? In the episode To the Gates!, during the invasion of Paris, Rollo plays a vital role in motivating the rest of the Viking invasion, even when all hope appears lost. I don’t want to see you.” You push yourself off the pillar and began to walk away from Rollo, only for him to follow after you, making you let out a fustrated sigh. Rollo is played by the Northern Irish actor Clive Standen in History Channel’s Vikings. Turning to a bemused Rollo, Jarl Borg says, "She thinks I should go.". During the battle, Rollo critically injures Floki and kills Arne, impaling him with a spear and almost superhumanly lifting him skyward above the fray, although Arne's death struck Rollo with some guilt for striking down his former comrade. Rollo, más írásmóddal Rodla, Hrolf, franciául Raoul (Rudolf), megkeresztelkedése után Róbert (Möre, 846 körül – Normandia, 932) Normandia első hercege 911-től 927-ig.. Rollo a norvégiai Möréből származott. Following Ragnar's death in England and the murder of Queen Aslaug by Lagertha, the line of succession is unclear and who become the new head of the House has yet to be seen. In the episode A Good Treason, Count Rollo is married to the Princess Gisla and is settling into his new life of Frankish nobility. Rollo also is impressed at how tall and powerful Björn has grown, but observes that he still hasn't grown a proper beard. Seriálový Rollo Lothbrok . As I specified in the article regarding Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson, the real Floki here, Floki is assumed to be born around the year 830 which makes him about 30 years old when Rollo the Walker first started walking this earth. According to Historia Normannorum (also known as Libri III de moribus et actis primorum Normanniae ducum),  a biogprahy on Rollo written by Dudo of Saint-Quentin, Rollo was the son of a Danish nobleman and had a brother named Gurim. Ragnar Lothbrok, Ragnar also spelled Regner or Regnar, Lothbrok also spelled Lodbrog or Lodbrok, Old Norse Ragnarr Loðbrók, (flourished 9th century), Viking whose life passed into legend in medieval European literature. During the arranged meeting, Rollo turns up and bears witness to Ragnar's baptism. Later, as Rollo is about to behead a captive as a sacrifice to Odin, Ragnar intervenes, handing the axe to Björn, who does the honors. 20K likes. King Horik, however, has no interest in diplomacy or negotiation, secretly sending a company of warriors under his son Erlendur into the forest to ambush Aethelwulf and his escort on their way back, intentionally sparing only Aethelwulf. Ragnar Lothbrok was a Danish Viking warlord and a renowned hero of Norse history who lived in the 9 th century. In the episode The Great Army, as they enter the Frankish waters, Rollo is seen with his nephew Bjorn who asks him if this is his home to which Rollo replies that he doesn't know as he is still conflicted about his feelings. Rollo insists on killing him but Ragnar forbids it as the monk is worth more alive than dead. I will not betray Paris. A messenger informs Ragnar that King Horik and his son barely escaped an attack from King Ecbert's forces. Aelle agrees to pay the ransom, but adds the condition that one of Ragnar's men must become Christian first, so he can only negotiate and make peace with a fellow Christian. Ragnar, King Horik and Borg then strike an uneasy alliance to go on raids together in the West, and Rollo is taken captive, to be judged for his betrayal of the men from Kattegat. Later, the Viking camp celebrates their treasures as Rollo stares into the distance and contemplates the Seer's previous prediction of his fate. He then proceeds to tell her that he loves her and their children, but he cannot deny that part of him which is still Viking. Immediately after Floki leaves, he is approached by Lagertha, who expresses her disbelief at Ragnar's baptism and mentions that Rollo himself was also baptized. Although Rollo has little understanding of the ceremony and does not take it seriously, Floki takes considerable umbrage at Rollo's action and berates him for offending their Norse gods. Lagertha † (Ex-Lover)Siggy † (Ex-Lover)Gisla (Wife) Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. In the episode Death All 'Round, Charles proudly announces to his fellow-subjects that his daughter is carrying Rollo's child and gives then gives Roland the title of Duke. Status: In the episode Sacrifice, Rollo, Siggy, and her daughter join Ragnar and his family for the pilgrimage at Uppsala. Rollo grabs his wife by the chin and tells her that everything she says is true. Rollo explains that these people are Moorish and pray to the God Allah. In "A Simple Story", an unseen Rollo sends troops to aid Ivar, Hvitserk, and King Harald in their war against Lagertha, under the condition that Bjorn's life is spared. As a result of this, Ralph had to concede Maine and the Bessin areas to Rollo and his men. Seriálový Rollo Lothbrok . Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdsson is assumed to be born between 740 and 780. With Borg's forces sailing up the fjord, Rollo quickly rouses himself from his frustration and self-pity to organize and mount a hurried but worthy defense of Kattegat. After the Viking force enters and sacks Paris due to the surprise attack, Ragnar decides that they should return home due to the approach of winter. Before agreeing, Jarl Borg consults with the skull of his late first wife. Rollo strokes her hair and talks about how he cannot wait to take control of his Northern lands at his own court. King Ecbert, having studied the strategies of Caesar and the Roman legions of old, has drawn the Northmen onto a battlefield of his own choosing. Children: He then gives her his Viking band to show his allegiance to her. During the festivities, Rollo engages in the customary riotous behavior, such as drinking, celebrating, and having sex with other women, much to Siggy's disapproval. The descendants of Rollo also conquered England, Italy (Sicily in particular) and even lands as far as Middle East, namely the Principality of Antioch (a region within the lands of modern day Turkey and Syria). Rollo (Norman: Rou; Old Norse: Hrólfr; French: Rollon; c. 860 – c. 930 AD) was a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy, a region in northern France.He emerged as the outstanding warrior among the Norsemen who had secured a permanent foothold on Frankish soil in the valley of the lower Seine. I will not betray you. Assailed by coordinated attacks by both mounted cavalry and infantry, The warriors of Ragnar, Lagertha, and Horik suffer heavy losses before fighting their way out of the trap and into headlong retreat. In the episode A King's Ransom, during a raid into Northumbria, the Vikings are invited into the castle of King Aelle in order to negotiate. Rites of Passage According to William of Jumièges, Rollo and Poppa also had a daughter named   Gerloc (Adele) who married  William II, Duke of Aquitaine later. Before the ceremony can properly begin, Ragnar pops out of his coffin very much alive and takes the Princess captive, proceeding to exit the city with a knife to her throat, giving his warriors a chance to open the gates and for them to attack. I. According to the legend, Hrólfr the Walker was a very large Viking who had to walk since no horse could carry him. In the episode Brother's War, Rollo fights with Jarl Borg against his brother Ragnar and King Horik. Rollo Lothbrok. Rollo maintains a stoic expression in the face of these offers until the envoy tells him that Emperor will also offer his reluctant daughter's hand in marriage. In the episode Brother's War, Rollo fights with Jarl Borg against his brother Ragnar and King Horik. 1 (1) Lumberer (USA) 3 (3) I Will Rock You (USA) Track this horse Track this horse. Ragnar and Rollo begin to battle and come to a stalemate. Title: Rollo just laughs feeling amused as they carry on their journey. Jarl Borg discerns that Rollo is jealous and resentful of Ragnar's success, and connives to divide the brothers against each other. Rollo was one of the most important Vikings in the history and that is probably the reason why the producer wanted to add the character to the mix. Livelihood: Lagertha's ground attack retreats and the Franks begin to light the Viking ships on fire. First and foremost, it will make things a lot easier to state at this point that Rollo in Vikings by History Channel is a character very loosely based on the real Rollo, that is, Duke Rollo of Normandy. Rollo Raccolte di Isabella Coletto. First appearance: Normandy, West Francia Was Rollo actually Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother ? Siblings: Rollo or Hrolfr in Old Norse means "Famous Wolf". Rollo's nicknames are "The Bear" or "Ganger" meaning the walker. In the episode Mercy, during a feast, Rollo tries to approach his new wife at the table where she is sat alongside her father. They wait outside the gates while his body is taken inside. Floki interrupts and says that Rollo is no longer apart of them to which Rollo replies that "things are changing. Kattegat, Norway Jarl Borg confers with Ragnar while Rollo observes from a distance. After Lagertha and her shield maidens infiltrate the city gates and open the outer doors, Rollo leads the main charge into the entrance. Apparently undeterred, Rollo greets the Princess and Emperor in their own language, accompanied by a grin. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 When Rollo is confronted by Ragnar for face-to-face combat, Rollo can not bring himself to fight his br… He then yells at Floki "How many Christians have I killed!". She tells him she does it for him, as King Horik and Ragnar are allies now but eventually will fight each other, and Rollo will have to choose between them. Gisla, however, isn't having any of it and tells him that he isn't trying hard enough. During his lengthy recovery, an increasingly-frustrated Rollo has been bedridden and barely able to stand much less walk. The Franks then come to escort Rollo back to the palace, but as he is about to aboard Rollo tells his fellow Vikings that he would like to make them an offer that if anyone from their homelands who want good, rich lands to farm can come and live in his Kingdom. Was the Real-life Rollo Ragnar Lothbrok’s Brother? Later, Horik shows the "King's Sword" to his son and tells him his plan. Siggy tells him that his brother Ragnar is negotiating with King Horik. After maiming and killing several Parisian soldiers, he turns and makes eye contact with the Princess. As soon as the ship lands on the shore, Rollo and the fleet launch an attack and raid Algeciras beating, killing and raping the women. Rollo is later released by King Ecbert as part of an agreement with the Northmen that includes payment of gold and silver, 5,000 acres of good farming land in Wessex, as well as recruiting those Northmen willing to fight as mercenaries for Princess Kwenthrith in her efforts to rule Mercia. Though Rollo seems to remain as staunch a pagan as any of his comrades, Floki's rebuke still unsettles him. Rollo, on the other hand, is known to be born in 860 while his death is assumed to have happened between 928 and 933. In the episode The Last Ship, on the river, a fleet of Frankish ships approach the Vikings with Rollo leading the way. In questa storia Hvitserk aiuta Aethelred a rivedere il fratello Alfred e a spiegarsi con lui e poi... come ricompensa, un bacio! Run by a fan. Nevertheless, there is one thing we can be sure of;  Rollo was not Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother. Both Rollo and his wife are confused as to why they are here and so he asks his nephew Bjorn who replies saying "That he wants to go here" showing his uncle an old map of the Mediterranean sea. With the onset of winter around the corner, the lack of winter grain makes Jarl Borg's grasp on Kattegat untenable. Rollo's tattoos represent Sköll and Hátthese the sons of. Visualizza altre idee su vichinghi, navi vichinghe, history channel. Rollo indirectly apologizes to Ragnar by explaining that he merely wanted to step out of his brother's shadow, yet found no sunlight when he did. Rollo je zkušený vikinský bojovník, který preferuje silné obouruční zbraně jako sekeru či meč. Angered at Ragnar's efforts, Jarl Borg and his forces ride out of Kattegat in pursuit, predictably. When Lagertha later kills Knut for trying to rape a Saxon woman and her, Ragnar falsely claims that he killed Knut so as to protect his wife and is put on trial by Earl Haraldson. During the conclave, Ragnar publicly acknowledges and accepts Rollo back as his brother, but forbids him to go raiding with them. In the episode Answers in Blood, Rollo is surprised and genuinely happy to see Lagertha once more, and seemingly not on the basis of his past desire for her. But, according to the accounts of the time, it was not Ragnar Lothbrok but Rollo and some other Viking chieftains who made the attack on Paris resulting in him being baptized and becoming the Duke of Normandy (more on that later in the article). Both the Vikings and Franks prepare for the siege as the Christians gather to pray for protection from the pagans camped just around the riverbed. Rollo resents Ragnar constantly doing King Horik's bidding, to which Ragnar replies that Horik is the king. Rollo leads his brother's family and Siggy to the shelter of a remote farm where they await the return of Ragnar. Firstly, there is a huge gap between the times Ragnar and Rollo lived in. After Ragnar agrees to Ecbert's request to aid Princess Kwenthrith in her bid to rule Mercia, Rollo accompanies the joint Viking and Wessex force in battle. The Northmen find themselves between multiple bodies of the allied forces of King Ecbert and King Aella. Ragnar † (Younger brother) Humiliated, Rollo decides to leave Kattegat, although Siggy convinces him to stay. It seems the Viking left behind with him don’t think much of their nominal leader, who’s become a Frankish noble and a Christian. Seeing the progress Rollo and the Vikings made, Charles III (Charles the Simple), the King of West Francia wanted to make peace with them. After the death of his father, his brother was killed and Rollo was forced out of Denmark. That being said, there are a lot of discrepancies with history and we will start with that. In "Moments of Vision", as Bjorn prepares to leave Kattegat, Rollo approaches via the fjord with an envoy of Frankish soldiers.

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